To feel loved…

His alarm pounds noisily yet he struggles to rouse himself. So, I nudge his arm and he groans, stretches out and turns the noisy contraption off. He rolls back towards me and smiles. He reaches out his arm, scoops me towards him, pulling me in from a warm snuggly hug. Morning beautiful.

I appear downstairs after getting washed and dressed, on the side is a hot cuppa waiting for me.

A note sits on the sideboard.

Dog walked, bins put out. Enjoy your day x

And I did.

This week’s prompt for WQW was love/romance. I had so many romantic tales I started to write, indeed it would seem so simple to live vicariously through some epic love saga. But I was a bit perplexed, something held me back and I realised for me the most romantic gestures my husband do are the small ones. The day to day things that make you feel loved, a snuggle, a cuppa, a message with a kiss.

Sadje’s WDYS post this week is about things you would like to do before you die/go to that yonder side and mine are generally travel-related, places I’d love to go, things I’d love to see, but I think primarily it would be for my husband to know just how much I love him and just how happy he makes me.

Originally written in response to:

·  WQW – Romance and Love

·  Sadje’s What Do You See – Before I die

Before I die

·  Your Daily Word prompt – Yonder

·  Ragtag Daily Prompt Perplexed

·  Fandango’s One-Word Challenge Vicariously

Much Love.



23 thoughts on “To feel loved…

  1. Thanks KL for joining in! I really love your take my friend. This is the most important thing we do in our life. To tell our loved ones that we love them and appreciate their love and care.

    1. Aww it was a great image, Sadje. It fit so well with Marsha’s love theme so I couldn’t help combine the two. Thank you so much. KL ❤

  2. KL, you’re a busy writer. I love the way you wove everything together. Well done. Your husband sounds very romantic. Thanks for connecting to WQW.

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