#WRITEPHOTO – Approach by Morpethroad

A dark and intriguing entry by Morpethroad

Thank you so much for taking part in the #Writephoto – Approach prompt.

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a foggy day with the sun just emerging through the clouds. Emerging from the fog is a large castle.

Approach – Image by KL Caley

I had that sunken feeling when the car broke down. Of all places it was not that far from my destination, my Aunt Mary.

Aunt Mary was what we in the family referred to as eccentric. She had strange ideas about a lot of things but mostly it was her insistence that she only grew carrots in her front garden. Inside the boundary fence and either side of the front path, there grew carrots as far as you could see.

It encouraged the rabbits she once told me and they were a source of food to her. Every meal she made you had rabbit of some sort mixed into it.

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#writephoto – Approach – When My Car Broke Down

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