#WRITEPHOTO – TOYBOX by becoming

Hills surrounded by snow with the odd peice of long grass poking through here or there.

A beautiful reflective entry by becoming

Thank you so much for taking part in the #Writephoto – TOYBOX prompt.

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a traditional toy box filled with teddies, blankets, hot water bottles and a jar of hot chocolate. Yummy!

Toybox – Image by KL Caley

So, I asked a couple of friends of mine the other day at brunch if they thought that our generation killed Christmas…. I honestly wasn’t feeling it and was doubtful. Well they said the kids still feel the buzz… but also that a friend of theirs still goes all out and makes Christmas magical for her kids and I admired that…. A lot! I mean I want to be those people one day…

You know that post that says that everything in dew time… well it’s accurate…. I never saw black love for me, or even love at all just to be clear … I just thought I’d find someone whose likes matched mine and we’d have a pact and stay together and complement each other which is somewhat why some people got married and still do oh…. Plus the fact that they actually love each other…. I always said no to these things because well I just thought they were not for me but what do we know really…..

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Much Love