Hills surrounded by snow with the odd peice of long grass poking through here or there.

A lovely heart-warming childhood tale entry by MARLA’S WORLD

Thank you so much for taking part in the #Writephoto – TOYBOX prompt.

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a traditional toy box filled with teddies, blankets, hot water bottles and a jar of hot chocolate. Yummy!

Toybox – Image by KL Caley

Bernard and Francis were best friends. Born only minutes apart, they had spent their entire lives together to date. Typically, they agreed on everything, but when the odd disagreement did occur, they would line up every stuffed animal and toy soldier they could find and put them in two lines like they saw on television. Based on something they also heard on television, they kept one of the toy separated from the rest and made her the Judge of all that occurred, and they agreed that Judge Rooney’s word was final.

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Much Love


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