My Days with You

I don’t often reblog my own work but I love this little story and wanted to re-post it today for remembrance day. Hopefully, you will agree it is a lovely homage to the wonderful military personal who give their lives, and as captured here, leave their loved ones, all out of duty and respect for their countries.
My LB’s godfather is an army veteran, he has so many stories both god and bad from his time in the forces. This day always reminds me how lucky we are for our heroes who come home, and how grateful we are to those who sadly haven’t but in giving their lives have given us so much.
We will never forget.
KL ❤


Day 1

9am: Your eyelids fluttered awake. I was watching. You giggled pushing me away from you and rubbing your sleepy eyes. And sitting up to have a stretch. I pulled you back into the duvet, kissing you, playing with your hair, caressing your subtle soft skin. At first you joined in playfully but soon things got hotter, heavier, and I found myself sliding off your pyjama shorts and taking things further. It was ecstasy.

10am: I set you up on the little bistro table on the patio with a hot cuppa then set to making you breakfast. I watched through the patio doors as your hands twirled the cup handle. You soaked in the garden, the birds, the sounds of the world moving busily outside, whilst we stayed here in our sheltered cocoon. You glance towards me and catch me watching, give me a smile and return for another…

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