#Writephoto Round-Up – POISONOUS PLANTS

Deadly but beautiful.
Isn’t nature just amazing?

Poisonous Plants
Poisonous Plants – Image by KL Caley

A few years ago I took an amazing trip up to Alnwick Castle & Gardens in Northumberland. It was a fantastic day out. Alnwick itself is truly beautiful and if anyone does decide to visit, I wholeheartedly recommend Barter Books shop, a converted railway station which is a treasure trove of wonderful books.

Anyway, I stray off-topic. One of the best areas of the Gardens is the aptly named “Poison Garden”. Behind locked Iron Gates are a menagerie of the worlds most deadly plants. Visitors are only allowed to enter the garden with a Poison Garden Warden. Although that is not a bad thing, they give the most wonderful tour filled with various anecdotes and stories about various plants.

Alnwick Poison Garden Gates – Image by KL Caley

One of the most thought-provoking things about the tour is how much wisdom we may have lost. The tour guide pointed out that almost every child knows that if stung by a nettle you can soothe it with a dock leaf. Yet many other pieces of plant knowledge like this, which families once knew has gone with the reliance on doctors, pharmacists and these days, the internet. Whilst I adore the allotment and the discovery of how rewarding it is to grow your own food, self-medicating is not on the list, but it’s certainly an interesting thought, are there more natural less processed remedies on our doorsteps, which our ancestors would have understood far better than we do?

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    1. It’s fabulous, isn’t it Peter? I’ve a few special little bookshops that I always try to divert by when in certain areas. Hedgehog books in Penrith is another one, they always have unusual signed copies, I’ve found some lovely treasures there. KL ❤

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