#Writephoto Round-Up – FOLLY

She leaned against the arch doorway. Could he see her? Could others? She hoped he would come. Of course, his family wouldn’t like it…but to hell with them. They were in love after all. Nothing was more powerful than love…. right? God, where was he? It was getting dark now. She would be in trouble if she stayed out much later. She paced back and forth. What if something had happened? What if someone had found out? Time getting on, she bowed her head and walked away. If she did not make it home, she would not be allowed back out.

He stepped through the archway just in time to see her fleeting shadow walking away in the distance. He shouted, hoping she’d turn but she didn’t. He hadn’t meant to be late but he had to keep up the ruse with his family or he’d never be able to see her. His ribs hurt from running all the way. There was no point chasing he’d never catch her. Sullen, he walked to the steps and plonked himself down. A lily-white tissue danced on the breeze. He hated littering, who would want to ruin such a beautiful spot. Picking it up, he noticed one word, tomorrow? His heart danced. Tomorrow.

The Folly
The Folly – Image by KL Caley

What a fabulous week for entries. I have tried to reblog a few since the post went out so hopefully, you will have seen some of them trickling through, but here is the list below (if I have missed anyone, please let me know). It makes for fantastic reading.


I hope you’ll join me for another #writephoto challenge published today at 12 o’clock GMT.

Thank you all again for taking part in #WRITEPHOTO – FOLLY

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    1. How kind Jemima, I’m not sure my writing is a patch on some of these entries but I like to throw my hat in the ring as it were. Thank you so much for joining in and your continued support, it is much appreciated. KL ❤

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