Stick a pin in it!

Charity Shop Haul

So, it happened again…

This week whilst taking the mother for a quick browse and lunch in a local town, I had a few quick glances around the book section of the charity shop. Low and behold these beauties found their way into my basket:

Charity Shop Haul
Charity Shop Haul – Image by KL Caley

How pretty are those covers?

Whilst I love browsing charity shops and second-hand shops for pre-loved books, my to-read bundle has grown quite ridiculous and is now hoarding a whole bookcase of its own (and that doesn’t include the hidden collection lurking on my kindle).

So, for the moment I think I need to pop a pin in it. All book shopping is on hold until further notice. At least until there is one clear shelf on my bookcase!

Anyone else found some pre-loved bargains that they just couldn’t resist?

The To-Read Shelves.

Originally written in response to Prompt for #SoCS – Pin. by Linda G Hill

Enjoy ❤️. Like 👍. Share 😊.

Take Care.


8 thoughts on “Stick a pin in it!

  1. I used to do the same thing. However I purged the remaining ones I had this last move. Now I scour the library shelves instead, funny how a time limit makes you read it instead of shelving it for later reading. Those covers are lovely and sound interesting.

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