#WRITEPHOTO – Portal by masonsmenagerie

A time travel tale with an Olympics/Paralympics backdrop brought to you by masonsmenagerie.

Thank you so much for taking part in #Writephoto – Portal prompt.

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a puddle with leaves and trees reflected on the surface.

Portal – Image by Rebecca M. Douglass

The lump in his throat, the agony, the wretched angst, the pain forced the tears from his eyes. He barely felt his feet pounding through the wet sand on the desolate beach as he fled the city.

The rain plastering his hair and soaked his clothes through to the skin. The deluge seemed like a fitting punishment.

Everyone had been cheering him on, counting on him to win and he failed. The marathon race played over and over in his mind as he jogged along the shoreline. He’d been in the lead for most of the way and then Jordan snuck up and stole his victory.

 Allie had been delighted that he’d won the silver medal. She was his beautiful girlfriend and now he couldn’t face her. You don’t win the silver, you lose gold. The look of disappointment worn by everybody at the finish line ran deep into his consciousness — hammered away at his mind like a jeering bully.

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