#WRITEPHOTO – Office by This, That, and The Other

A bring your kid to work day story that will fill parents with fear by This, That, and The Other

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For visually challenged writersthe image shows a small child who has commandeered control of the pc.

Office by KL Caley

I brought our two-year-old son to the annual Bring Your Kid to Work Day at my office. My wife was skeptical, feeling that he was too young to appreciate spending the day with me at the office and would be a burden on me. But I persuaded her that it would be fine and I’d be able to keep him entertained, so she reluctantly acquiesced.

Andy seemed to enjoy walking around the building and being introduced to my co-workers, who thought he was adorable, fawned all over him, and answered his never ending “what is that?” questions as he pointed to various objects around the office.

At around 10:45 I got called into my boss’ office for a meeting, so I sat Andy down in my chair in front of my computer monitors and streamed a cartoon movie for him to watch. I said, “Andy, be a good boy and watch the movie. I’ll be back soon.”

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