#WRITEPHOTO – Office by TanGental

A hilarious entry by TanGental

Thank you so much for taking part in #Writephoto – Office prompt.

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a small child who has commandeered control of the pc.

Office by KL Caley

Tot Bedlam, the longest surviving NamUh rattled the keyboard with his fleshly inept fingers, ruing how the ageing process had rid him of his crusty dexterity and left him with these pliable dumplings at the end of his pudgy hands. Being young sucked, especially when throughout your life you’ve been blessed with the rickety certainty of experience. That he mused was the problem with being one of the last surviving NamUhs. You aged into youth and naïveté. Or at least your body did, while alongside this younging process your mind accumulated wisdom and experience which your inept body failed to exploit.

He well understood computers, had seen then develop from Stone Age slabs to sleek twenty first century screens. If only the technology had achieved thought control, then he wouldn’t need these childish digits to work the keyboard and even less feel like sticking his head into…

‘Tot? What’s that?’

‘What?’ Goodness he hated this voice. Where had his manly baritone gone? Now it was a falsetto that made fingernails and blackboards redundant.

‘That.’ His co-worker’s hand snaked past his cute little onesie and tapped the left hand screen.

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Growing Young, Spitefully #writephoto #creativefiction #humour | TanGental 

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