#WRITEPHOTO – Cliff Edge by Tessa Dean

An insight into toddler troubles by Tessa Dean

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For visually challenged writersthe image shows a high area of rock with a very steep side, often on a coast. The cliff has a grassy top. The sea can be seen further out.

Cliff Edge – Image by KL Caley

Sarah and Thomas argued about the safety of Tabitha, their two-year-old daughter, while on a trip to the Diamond Cliffs. Thomas saw no reason for them not to take Tabby with them, and Sarah said, “You know how fast a two-year-old can get out of your sight and move quickly into a danger zone. It’s impossible to keep your eye on them every second, and they move too fast.”

“Oh Sarah, don’t be such a wuss. You can watch her just fine.”

“Thomas, that is part of the problem. I am the only one watching her as you can’t move with your broken leg. Once I put her down, she will head for the cliffs, and there aren’t any safety rails there. It only takes seconds for her to disappear if we take out eyes off her for any reason. It is not fair to me to have to be responsible for her every second.”

“So take the playpen and her toys.”

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