#WRITEPHOTO – Cliff Edge by TanGental

A darkly intriguing entry by TanGental 

Thank you so much for taking part in #Writephoto – Cliff Edge prompt.

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a high area of rock with a very steep side, often on a coast. The cliff has a grassy top. The sea can be seen further out.

Cliff Edge – Image by KL Caley

Arnold Droplozenge looked out of his back door at the cerulean sky and the bubbling clouds. Another lovely dawn promising a fine, mild day. Perfect for a stroll… if only.

He forced his gaze to stay on the sky, first counting the clouds, then naming them and allocating them roles in a drama of epic ambition as he allowed his imagination full rein. It was a morning ritual, a mental analgesic… though futile.

At some point the narrative would falter, the defrocked verger represented by a tenuous striation failing as a light westerly rendered it void and, in spite of himself his gaze would dip.

Today he managed five minutes of jeopardy-filled narration before his mental adhesion loosed and his eyes scanned the unkempt rough ground between his back step and the cliff.

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