#WRITEPHOTO – Feather Cloud by TanGental

Poor Arturo Despot can’t do right for doing wrong in this fun entry by TanGental 

Thank you so much for taking part in #Writephoto – Feather Cloud prompt.

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a beautiful feathered cloud in the colours of a rainbow.

Feather Cloud – Image by A Kehas

Arturo Despot shuffled his feet nervously. He’d been sure he’d come up with a nailed on certainty, but pleasing Artemis Poltroon was not easy. Not easy at all.

‘What is that, Despot?’ The tyrannical Chief Executive squinted at the sky.

‘A cloud, sir.’ Better to stick to the basics until it was clear which way the wind was blowing, Arturo thought. The temptation to cower, however was almost overwhelming.

‘A cloud? Just a cloud?’

‘A feather cloud, sir. Very a la mode.’

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