#WRITEPHOTO – Subsea by Masons Mind Menagerie

An ocean search for adventure and treasure at Masons Mind Menagerie

Thank you so much for taking part in #Writephoto – Subsea prompt.

Community – image by KL Caley

“This is the spot, Chavo!” Nyla slipped the boat’s anchor overboard. Her sharp eyes picked out a shag diving beneath the waves. The bird left her smiling when it emerged with the silvery fish in its long beak.

“Roger that,” the captain saluted with a smile as he set the controls to maintain position. Stepping from the bridge he gazed at Nyla on the dive platform.

She was rolling her suntanned shoulders into her neoprene scuba dive suit in preparation to explore and search the reef. “Hey, watch those wandering eyes. They’ll get you in big trouble!” she teased.

“Eh, what can I say — they have a mind of their own when sexy mamacitas grace my vessel,” Chavo shrugged. “Why this place? Surely there’s nothing special this close to the cliffs. The beach, further along, might be more fruitful.”

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