#WRITEPHOTO – STEPS by ninja librarian

A first-timer and fascinating entry by ninjalibrarian

Thank you so much for taking part in #Writephoto – Steps prompt.

Steps – Image by Jemima Pett – Image by KL Caley

Myttha paused, her gaze traveling up the stairway, one step at a time. Once she climbed up there and crossed over the bridge, there would be no turning back. Though she wanted and needed what she believed she’d find on the other side, an irrevocable step required at least some recognition of its gravity.

If she ever came back down those steps, she’d be a different person, or so the promise ran.


She ran through her mental checklist. Sword: check. Hidden knives: three, check. Satchel of food: check. Desire: check.

One deep breath. A second. She stepped onto the bottom stair and felt the magic tingling through her feet.

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