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Friendship Awaits

It was late and cold one starry night

I went to bed and turned on my light

I picked up teddy and snuggled in

Then reached for my book and let the story to begin

Welcome, he cried, the boy in blue

To the world of magic, here just for you.

He slowly reached out and took my hand

Then off we set into the magic land.

Dragons and pirates, gangsters and ghouls

Worst of all the dinner ladies from school!

We were the heroes in all the tales

The champions whom never failed

Despite the fun, I soon wanted home,

The boy in blue agreed it was time to go.

He brought me back to my room,

With the solemn promise – see you again soon.  

Originally written in response to Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge (#WQWWC) now hosted by Marsha Ingrao at Always Right. I had originally thought the theme this week was friendship but it’s open choice. I’ve decided to submit this anyway as I loved the quote.

Much Love


KL Caley specializes in writing fictional short stories. She recently embarked on the adventure of writing a historical fiction novel (coming soon).

16 thoughts on “Friendship Awaits

  1. Beautifully penned, KL. Oh, it really does feel like you’re parting with a close friend. This is so relatable. I’m glad you decided to submit this.

  2. Hi KL, I love this. Are you old enough to remember the song Puff the Magic Dragon? Your poem brought that song to mind, which I loved as a child. Thanks for joining #WQWWC again this week. I’ll try to get your link correct this week! 🙂

    1. Yes I am. It was a favourite growing up. We had the movie on VHS and I think it was worn out. We went to see the remake a while back, good but nothing on the original. KL ❤

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