#WRITEPHOTO – STEPS by Masons Mind Menagerie

Dowden finds himself pursued for money he never stole. What’s going on? Will he survive? Find out at Money Shot

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Steps – Image by Jemima Pett – Image by KL Caley

“Something was wrong, Dowden could feel it.”

After a week of washed-out days, it was nice to feel the sun on your face again. Dowden was determined to take full advantage of the beautiful day. He meandered through the city. He wasn’t going anywhere specific or planning to do anything. He was just walking and enjoying the beautiful day.  

The discomfort grew from his back and shoulders. It reached into and tightened his chest with the creeping suspicion of being watched. Was it the growing number of CCTV cameras, or the fleeting glimpse of people looking his way through windows? Whatever it was, something was wrong Dowden could feel it.

Deciding on a coffee to calm his nerves, he took a left into a pedestrian path leading towards the river. The café sat at the bottom of a stepped humpbacked bridge.

Dowden put his hand on the coffee shop door and recoiled.

A man wearing a trench coat and Panama hat rose from his seat inside. In doing so he revealed the grip of a Sig-Sauer pistol in his waistband.

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