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A little bit of irish luck in A Magic Tree | sparksfromacombustiblemind 

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The Money Tree (Crassula Ovata) – Image by KL Caley

Charon sat up on her pallet that served as her bed and stretched and yawned.   She supposed it was time to get up, chores were waiting, and Da’ was grouchy if his porridge wasn’t hot and ready when he appeared.   Their small hold took a lot of work, even though they only had one cow and a few chickens.   Charon tended the wee vegetable patch and grew some cabbages, tatties, carrots, as well as runner beans and onions to add to their stew pot.   She knew her Da’ worried because although he owned his little plot of land, and the cottage that stood on it, the taxman still wanted his money and buying flour for bread, and seed to plant, as well as food for the cow and chickens, all cost what the small family did not have. 

To earn some money, Da’ worked for a more prosperous farmer down the lane, and so it was left up to Charon to feed the animals and do most of the chores around their own farm.   She didn’t mind.   She was a girl of sunny disposition and although Da’ chastised her because she tended to daydream, she knew he didn’t really mind.   Not if the chores were finished that was.   

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