Urban woes and promises #poetry #nature

A beautiful and thought provoking post.
Given the global exponential population rise,
are cities absolutely necessary to conserve nature?
If we can build upwards and as green as possible, is that where a future harmony with nature lies?

tales told different

Where did it go?
Where did it all come from?

#writephoto prompt

From the East, I used to welcome golden dreams
The rising of possibilities!
Sweet melodies chirped and whistled from leaf, branch and bramble
And I laid my future; brick by brick
Built the tower high to catch the scents of nature
And gaze upon the beauty of gifts given freely

Eugi’s weekly prompt

But what I saw, others craved
And what I loved, many abused
For those days are now gone
By stone and steel; brick and beam
The wilderness has changed

#whatdoyousee photo prompt

In this city of lights
The sunrise gleams unseen
And yet the darkness does not hold sway
The birds do not sing
And yet the sound of life still reigns supreme
The scents of nature are gone
But the fragrance of pastries and cuisines adorn every corner

These urban streets
A long…

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