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#WRITEPHOTO – TOWER by Masons Mind Menagerie

The Round Tower over at Masons Mind Menagerie is an action-filled rescue mission.

Thank you so much for taking part in #Writephoto – Tower prompt.

The Tower – Image by KL Caley

A plume of smoke licked at the leaves of the old oak forest as it swirled high into the ashen skies. The smell of burning canvas and the crackle of flames did nothing to mask the metallic odour of fresh blood or hide the screams pain.

“Last chance, Argyll. Where is my daughter?” Hoggard squeezed his fingers around the leather-gripped hilt of his cavalier sword. The blade under the bristled chin of the filthy brigand at his knees.

Argyll spat blood all over the Cavalier’s shiny boots but said nothing.

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Much Love


KL Caley specializes in writing fictional short stories. She recently embarked on the adventure of writing a historical fiction novel (coming soon).

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