#WRITEPHOTO – Swan by Jemima Pett

A little insight into swan life by Jemima Pett 

Thank you so much for taking part in #writephoto – Swan

Swan and Dog – Image by KL Caley

I told the missus that this bank was too close to that human path, but no, that’s the one she wanted. It was safely away from the main river, where too many predators prowled day and night. Not to mention our main rivals for the river around here, Big White and his missus. They had their nest a full four hundred yards downriver. But they would soon come lording it up the midstream, under the bridges, wings in full show-off mode, and expect everyone to kowtow.

Particularly me.

See more at:

Swan Guard #writephoto ~ Jemima Pett 

Much Love

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