#WRITEPHOTO – Lake by Masons Mind Menagerie

Adventure, myth, legends, treasure – find it all at Masons Mind Menagerie 

Thank you so much for taking part in #writephoto – Lake

Lake – Image by Sadje

“Legends are often filled with terrifying events and warnings. I believe they’re that way for good reason. Beware if you try to prove them real.”

Deep in the centre of the cavern with my feet resting flat against the cliff face; clinging to the rope, I prepared for my next rappel jump. Daylight was evanescent down here. A distant memory of brightness, fresh air and freedom. The caverns were the total opposite; dark, claustrophobic and dank.

I turned my head to look at my next pitch. This rappel would take me into unknown territory.

The legend told of fiery rubies being found here. If they were anywhere, they had to be down there. I had great respect for those who climbed down before me. They had only gas lamps and basic ropes to reach the depths of this cave.

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Lake of Fire – Masons Mind Menagerie

Much Love

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