I am not a poetry writer but I do love playing around with the magnetic poetry blocks found here (free):

So I decided to make a mini-story for a bit of fun. Todays mini-story is based on the theme of NEW.

The New Chapter by KL Caley

Sometimes in life you just need to start afresh. Job, partner, town, friendships. Whatever it is sometimes life just kicks you and the best thing for that individual to do is to break the cord and start again. This happened to me in the not so distant past. One of my closest friends really, really hurt me. I was pregnant at the time, incredibly ill, in and out of the hospital, fearing I would lose the baby, terrified in every sense of the word. There is an old saying that it is during your lowest moments you find out who your true friends are and it unfortunately that was true for me. I came out the other side, my baby and I both survived, but I was one friend down.

I realise my image above is about heartbreak but I can tell you, in all honesty I was heartbroken. To some extent I still am. I love my friends dearly and would go to the ends of the earth for them. With that friend, what we had felt like more than friendship, we were more like family, in fact closer than that. But as with all things in life, I take each day as it comes. I am happy and each day I find more and more joy with my new life and each day I find more and more peace with what has happened. Time is the healer.

What story will this week’s tiles have in store for you?
Have a go! Please link back any creations you make, I’d love to see them.


Photo by Julissa Helmuth on

Take Care Everyone and Stay Safe.

Much Love,

KL ❤


  • Create a marvellous creation using the prompt word
  • Link back here so that I can read your marvellous works of art!


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