When should parents listen to the wisdom of a six-year old? Find out in Trent’s World fun entry.

Thank you so much for taking part in #writephoto – Dinosaur

The Dinosaur – image by KL Caley

The day was beautiful and the new park was just the answer to being locked inside for too long.  Steven smiled down at his wide-eyed six-year-old, Trevor. It was good to see the boy so enthralled with nature after being forced indoors for so long.

And it was a perfect place for a boy, for the park had several semi-abstract life-sized sculptures of different exotic animals, both living, though in a different parts of the world, or long extinct. 

“This is so lovely,” Carolyn said. She had been holding their son’s hand at first, but Trevor had escaped to explore on his own, though never out of sight or reach.

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