#WRITEPHOTO – DINOSAUR by Masons Mind Menagerie

A fabulous adventure by Masons Mind Menagerie

Thank you so much for taking part in #writephoto – Dinosaur

The Dinosaur – image by KL Caley

Lizzie let out a huff. The frustrated air billowing her blonde fringe. She’d come to Wade’s Dinosaur Park to be the general manager. They’d chosen her from her online résumé. It showed her talent, qualifications and skills in the art of organising people, property and making money. She signed her contract and came to start work. That was when they sprang the surprise.

“Welcome to Wade’s, Lizzie. We’re pleased to have you as our exhibition manager. Enjoy the ride,” Juliet the park’s owner had said.

 Every day since had been a trial. 

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Much Love

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