A dazzling entry which will shock and intrigue you by TanGental 

Thank you so much for taking part in #writephoto – NEWBORN

The new arrivals – image by KL Caley

‘Listen up ladies. This is…’

‘As I was saying Doris, we should…’

‘Excuse me, but I was talking.’

The lamb glared at the two recumbent sheep. The older one, if her grey eyes meant anything sniffed and went on, ‘make time for a cud and chat after we’ve popped…’

‘I SAID…’ the lamb stopped abruptly as the second sheep stood with a speed that defied both gravity and her gravid condition.

‘Young’un. When Doris Cloverleaf wants to interrupt, then she interrupts.’ Cloris Daisychain chewed as she spoke, her worn teeth glinting with just a hint of menace.

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Going Rogue #writephoto #prompt | TanGental

Much Love

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