#WRITEPHOTO – NEWBORN by masonsmenagerie

A fast-paced heart-stopping entry by masonsmenagerie.

Fire on the Farm
A crashed tanker sends an inferno toward a barn full of ewes and their lambs. Will disaster strike or are their heroes on the farm?

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The new arrivals – image by KL Caley

I sat drinking my morning coffee, listening to the news on the radio. I rose to my feet open-mouthed, now listening more intently.

“… A tanker believed to have been transporting petrol to the FiveWays garage, collided with the delivery lorry in the last twenty minutes. The two vehicles are blocking both the north and southbound lanes of the A3O7. The tanker is on fire, the spread of fuel has ignited the field. We’re being told by police and the fire brigade some nearby barns are in dan …”

What began as a restful morning, had just become a waking nightmare. I threw a T-shirt over my vest and ran from the bedroom.

My haste set Bond barking. The excitable Collie began running around my feet wondering what was going on. Marino, his lady and sheep herding partner, stood back watching, waiting for a command as she always did.

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