An intriguing entry by TanGental 

Thank you so much for taking part in #writephoto – Table

Table – image by KL Caley

The Eastwick Parish Council members took their seats and stared across at their opposite numbers. Since the merger of East and West Eastwick’s municipal functions, trying to reach any decision had proved impossible. A hung council had seemed to be the best way to start, ensuring that the old money Easterns balanced the nouveau Westerns. So far three meetings had been proposed, the first failing because the Easterns refused to agree the date proposed by the Westerns and the second for the reverse reason.

Decisions were needed, however and this impasse couldn’t continue. Barney Bloodclotte wanted his application to build an abattoir in his back garden determined, while Hugh Parsimonious declared that the diversion to the footpath that ran through his sunken hot tub needed to be decided before someone drowned.

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A Meeting Of Minds #writephoto | TanGental 

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