#Writephoto Round-Up – Neptune

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This handsome fella is at a local park to me called Hardwick Park. It’s a favourite place of mine and even on a busy day, you can normally find somewhere peaceful to take a bit of a break from it all. This guy is often surrounded by swans, geese and ducks (not to mention the odd seagull) but seems to be having a bit of peace himself when the photo was taken.

Neptune – image by KL Caley

My entry:

“What’s happening?” asked Hera.

Ares could barely contain his excitement. “It’s finally happening, I always thought it would be that pesky Mars whose always strutting his stuff and taunting me but I know he’s all bluff and blunder.”

“What’s finally happened?” asked Hera, impatience beginning to show.

“Those pesky Romans started it!”

“Started WHAT?”

“I never thought it would be those wishy-washy water gods that would be the first to come to blows though.”

“Come to blows? What exactly is going on?!” Ares heard Hera’s mom-voice come out and new she meant business.

“Well Neptune made fun of Poseidon’s fork…”

“Trident.” Hera corrected.

“Well, yes, and you know how sensitive Poseidon is about that.”

“I don’t understand, Neptune has a fork, blast, I mean Trident too.”

“Well after the fork slander, Poseidon said Neptune was only the god of fresh water, Poseidon was god of the whole sea”.

“Oh for god’s sake.”

“Hera, where are you going?”

“To do what all mother’s do, speak to Ops and get this all sorted out! There is more to life than names and war!”

Hmmmpphhh. Ares let out a sigh, it had been ages since he’d seen a good battle.

With Sue’s permission, I took up the #writephoto reigns and asked you all to join in once again on this creative challenge, and even though it’s only week 2, I’ve had so many wonderful responses. I have tried to reblog a few since the post went out so hopefully, you will have seen some of them trickling through, but here is the list below (if I have missed anyone, please let me know). It makes for fantastic reading.


I hope you’ll join me for another #writephoto challenge published today at 12 o’clock GMT.

Thank you all again for taking part in #writephoto-neptune, with special thanks to Sue who originally made the #writephoto challenge so meaningful for all of us.

Take Care
KL ❤


16 thoughts on “#Writephoto Round-Up – Neptune

    1. Thank you so much Zelda, I must admit I had a google to see if my statue was Neptune or Poseidon as I was unsure of the difference, from that a story was born. You never know when inspiration will take hold.
      Thank you again for taking part.
      KL ❤

      1. My pleasure–and I had to Google to find Neptune’s wife’s name! It was fascinating to learn they’d been in love for ages but prevented from marrying till much later💖

  1. Well done everyone! If you read mine, you’ll discover I’ve been having publishing problems this week, but I’ll be back visiting as soon as the dust settles. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to create an entry. It was a great addition to the reading. I hope you’re publishing problems are resolved now? KL ❤

  2. Wonderful turnout. I think as others find it, it will grow exponentially. I love the humor in your story. Had me laughing out loud without knowing it. Thank you for continuing in Sue’s footsteps. We should all be so lucky to have been inspired by her often.

      1. You are very welcome! Yes it was a good turnout, and I think it will grow again once folks know it is back in action. If you ever want any photos from the US, I’d be glad to offer them to you. Good luck with it and I’m really happy #writephoto is back. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, it was a brilliant collection. Isn’t it just the truth, I would like to use the old adage boys will be boys (even if they are gods) but in truth, I have seen girls just as strong-headed – haha. KL ❤

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