#WRITEPHOTO – NEPTUNE by geofflepard

An absolute must read by geofflepard. Certain to brighten up everyone’s day!

Thank you so much for taking part in #writephoto – Neptune

Neptune – image by KL Caley

Christopher Cholmeldley St John Plankton pinched the bridge of his nose. He would not give in to the migraine that was beginning to batter the back of his eyes. He forced himself to focus on the agenda that lay on the blotter. ‘Next, the committee have been asked to decide on the temporary closure of the Sculpture park at Badger’s Trollope arboretum on the grounds of a clear breach of the Society’s public decency rules. Perhaps Geraldine could brief…’

‘It’s Mars’ penis, isn’t it? I knew you’d make a thing about the penis.’ Martin Clodpollock glowered down the table.

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