#WRITEPHOTO – NEPTUNE by pensitivity101

A humourous entry by pensitivity this week – what a great start!

Thank you so much for your fantastic entry and for taking part in #writephoto – Neptune

Neptune – image by KL Caley

He often wondered where he’d gone wrong. He was a Sea God for heaven’s sake, and here he was fishing!!
Salacia had a lot to answer for, and he could hear her chortling in the kitchen as he tried to ‘catch’ dinner without harming any of the fish in the lake.

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Much Love


8 thoughts on “#WRITEPHOTO – NEPTUNE by pensitivity101

    1. Oh Di, I am so sorry. I was clearly rushing – what is it they say, more hurry less speed – haha. Thank you so much for entering again.
      KL ❤

      1. There have been some absolute crackers come in already this week. Yes, one in particular this week I was so lucky to have already put my tea down or I fear it would have probably been spat all over my poor keyboard. But I think it’s brilliant, I never know what I am going to read when I click on the links. I hope everyone else is enjoying them too.
        KL ❤

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