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One of the funniest stories so far has been provided by geofflepard
Thank you so much for your fantastic entry and for taking part in #writephoto – Beyond the Door

‘What do you mean? It just appeared. Doors don’t “just appear”.’ Reginald Twart, fifteenth Baron Doobelderry of Much Havoque pointed his sword stick at Taut Muscell his gamekeeper. ‘I pay you to stop doors appearing willynilly across the estate.’ He waved in the vague direction of the line of roofs that indicated the beginnings of Much Havoque’s newly built estate of artisanal dwellings. ‘Good god, Taut. Allowing a door to take up residence without the proper formalities could lead to all sorts of incursions. Imagine if it opened? Any Tom, Dick or Harriet might emerge and then what?’ Reginald glanced at the door and shuddered. ‘Yes, just imagine what might be in there…’

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    1. Hey. Yes I am. It seemed such a shame after Sue put in so much time and effort over the last 5 years, so I offered to keep it running, with Sue’s permission. I hope you will join in?
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