Just sayin’… the ups and downs of blogging

Lovely post to have a quick read of about the realities of blogging, stats, friendships & the unexpected “changes in the code”.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image: Incygneia at Pixabay

So the Happiness Engineers have obviously been tinkering. Again.

The blogging community is just getting on with it. Have we given up railing against the changes, or are we just grumbling away quietly, knowing we are at the mercy of engineered happiness? There is a spectre of doom and gloom hovering…

Since the reblog button went missing with all the ‘redundant code’ they deleted a few weeks ago, things have not been quite right around here. Blogs are being unfollowed arbitrarily… odd new functions have quietly slipped beneath the radar, minor-looking tweaks have been sneaked in with little or no warning and the available stats seem to be riding a rollercoaster without rhyme or reason.

Although that last is not unusual…  stats do weird things.  Go away for a few days and it is a real eye-opener. You can understand it if you just stay off…

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