Becoming “That” Neighbour!

I have missed quite a few of the JusJoJan prompts this year but the one for PANTS was one I just couldn’t miss. Our forlorn story starts here. Last night we found ourselves becoming “that neighbour” not the curtain twitchers, gossip stirrers or those ones with the grubby gardens and overflowing bins – none of those. Yet through absolutely no action of our own, I am sure we quickly became the most hated household on our street. Why?


Well, it all started at around 2:45 in the morning. My husband and I were snoring happily in bed. When for some unbeknownst and mysterious reason the electricity in our street went off. That doesn’t sound like a problem, indeed many people would be completely unaware if that happens to them. Our problem being when the electricity goes off our house alarm (despite being disabled) goes off. Continuously… and there is no way to switch it off until the electricity comes back on. This left our full street enjoying the musical delights of our siren blaring out into the night with the back-up of the lovely flashing light for a full 20 minutes until the electricity miraculously switched back on again. By which time, my husband had surfaced from the bedroom and in his severely sleep deprived state was stood in the hallway, using the A4 sign light-box as his torch, was in the process of unscrewing every section of the alarm box to find some-goddam-way of turning it off. Just at that moment, the electricity chose to come back on. With immediate relief, the code was entered and the noise stopped.


With a sigh of great relief, we trundled back to bed. Despite the silence of the house the noise still echoed in our ears. With great determination, we tried to go back to sleep (bearing in mind our alarm clocks go off at an alarming 4:45 for work). What a pants start to the day!

Thanks  Pensitivity, 101 for the PANTS prompt on JUSJOJAN – Jusjojan_2018check it out here:-

Much Love
KL ❤

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