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The Old Tower – #writephoto

Christa walked along the path way sullenly lost in her own thoughts. She’d been desperate for a child for years now, several doctors’ visits resulted in nothing, there was nothing wrong with her or her husband but yet years later and still no baby had appeared. Her husband had bought her a dog, whom she did adore but it hadn’t taken the yearning for a baby away. Then this morning he had hit her with the news that he would be working away, 6 weeks on, 3 weeks off. Well, how was that supposed to help her conceive?

Out on their usual morning walk, they had started to hear the strange mewling sound for what felt like miles, or rather, the dog had. Jess had pulled relentlessly to be let off her leash, not a habit that was entirely unusual but the relentlessness was. Eventually, Christa gave in leaned down and let Jess off but was not expecting her to take off with such a spirit. Crazy Dog, Christa laughed but when Jess showed no signs of slowing down she gave chase. As she ran after the crazy dog Christa became aware of the odd noise growing louder and louder.

High-pitched and piercing it permeated the air, her heart leapt when the sound became recognisable. It was a baby. Following Jess’s lead, she ran through a gap in the trees and then stopped to gaze up upon an old tower. Jess ignored her hesitation and was whining and scratching at the closed door at the base of the tower, but as Christa approached the door slowly opened.

I haven’t completed this story but already I quite like it already 🙂 What do you think will happen next?….

Originally written in response to Sue Vincent’s Writephoto prompt – Tower

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