Watching the lights – #Writephoto

She stood under the bridge…watching.


Through the window she saw exactly what she expected, the perfect family seated around the dining table. She could see it all so clearly even as the tears briefly blurred her vision then rolled down her ice cold cheek. The children were perfectly dressed, perfectly behaved, and the perfect image of their mother, two boys and a girl. The scene was completed by the doting wife, a loyal dog, and an elderly grandma asleep in the chair. Suppressing the anger and swiping at the tears she turned pulling her thin jacket closer. He did not deserve that perfect family, not when he had turned his back on her and her mother to have it. As she moved further away from the lights and into the darkness she allowed a small catlike smile to spread across her face, she would enjoy ruining his perfect night.

Originally written in response to Sue Vincents #Writephoto challenge – Lights! I’m a little rusty having missed a few challenges but I hope you enjoy anyway.
Use the image to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… by noon (GMT) Wednesday and link back to Sue’s post with a pingback. KL ❤

12 thoughts on “Watching the lights – #Writephoto

  1. mandibelle16 says:

    Creepy ending KL. I wonder what she is going to do to his poor family and him. Yet at the same time there is some understanding because him ditching her and their child and not acknowledging or helping them is vile. He’s just as guilty as her, bringing on whatever he does, to his family. Great writing!

    • Thanks Mandibelle! The whole way through writing I was unsure which way to lean so I thought I’d let the reader decide. I generally prefer a happy-ending (call me old-fashioned) but in this case a happy ending for one would still mean a sad ending for the other. I’ll have to mull it over – haha. KL ❤

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