Review of Killing Hemingway by Arthur Byrne – 5 Stars

Killing HemingwayKilling Hemingway by Arthur Byrne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As the description says, Teddy is an exceptional young boy who relishes every learning challenge that comes his way. He soon finds his appetite for learning can be a hindrance as much as an achievement when he speeds through classes and soon finds his lessons boring. The book follows him through from childhood schooling into his college years where he soon finds that his attention turns to finding a girl, and meeting friends, a much greater challenge for him than any academic puzzle he had previously been set.

I enjoyed this book, I found the author’s writing style very easy-going and also witty when required. As others have suggested in reviews this book is more than a YA novel yet not a tough adult read – somewhere in the middle. All the settings are very natural for the reader and easily absorbed and the story moves along at a great pace, allowing you to enjoy Teddie’s wins and also sympathise with his frustrations.

I was trying to think what this is similar to and there are only two things that spring to mind; Matilda by Roald Dahl but for me, this book could easily have been about Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory TV series, to me the characters were quite similar.

A very enjoyable book – not sure the title portrays the true nature of the story, as it is only relevant to a small part but the book itself is well worth a read. It’s short, an easy read and I think people will enjoy it.

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2 thoughts on “Review of Killing Hemingway by Arthur Byrne – 5 Stars

  1. Hm… the title caught me eye and now I’m both glad and disappointed. Glad cuz I don’t really want to read this book after I’ve read your review. Disappointed for the obvious reason – how can one deceive the readers with such a compelling title? 🙂

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