The monk put his head down as the discussion got heated. The royal commissioner had just finished reporting his findings and left. His report stating the monks were seriously breaking the rules they should be living by.

The monk knew it was his fault, he had gone to the Royal Commissioner in confidence. He had only meant to get his abbot in trouble, he lived a life of luxury while the rest of the order lived on a pittance.

The Royal Commissioner had grossly exaggerated his report and now the monastery was to be closed, they had a month to leave. Maybe they would reconsider? Or get an endowment to support the monastery themselves?

For now, he’d go to pray…tomorrow was another day.

trust_innocent_liars_tool_stephen king

Story originally written for Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge #WQWWC – Innocent.

How to participate? Select a quote that inspires you. Then write a short piece of flash fiction or poetry to share with us using the quote either in your story or as the title of your masterpiece. Then link back to Colleen at :-


6 thoughts on “Dissolution

  1. What an interesting story. Sometimes our innocence affects our ability to think clearly as is the case with the monk who was a whistleblower. Sometimes life is just like that. We think we are doing the right thing when in reality we are not. The monk meant well and did the reporting without malice. What a turn of events! ❤

    1. Wow thank you very much Colleen, what a lovely comment. Glad you found it interesting. I thought I’d play around with something a bit different for your innocence prompt so thank you for the inspiration. 😊 KL ❤

  2. I feel bad for the monk. He was only, doing the right thing. It wasn’t fair for the abbot to live in luxury, while his monks had barely anything. But now, because the Monk told, he is losing what little he had, his home. I hope his prayers are answered.

    1. Thanks Mandi. 🙂 Glad you got into the story :). I wonder if he could do it all again if he’d still make the same choice? hmm… KL ❤

      1. I think he would honestly. He seems like he has a conscience, and wants to the right thing. So I’m
        Betting at sometime he would have.

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