The Cave – #Writephoto

It had taken all I had to keep running. I hadn’t dared look back. The fear, if I had of done so, would have stopped me from running, and I had to run.

Spotting the cave, I made straight for it then crawled in, my breathing heavy, my heart pounding. I glanced left to right to make sure I was not an unwelcome guest in some creatures home.

I pulled my knees up to my chest and stared out towards the light but the sounds I had dreaded echoed towards me in the tiny space. The crunch of the gravel, the heavy breathing, and then the monstrous roar.

I shivered as darkness filled the cave, the creature was covering the entrance. I buried my face into my knees and tried not to whimper, tried not to breathe. Instead, I focussed on counting. 1..2..3..4..5..

Although my eyelids were closed I felt the light reappear in the cave. I dared not to look, I wasn’t ready, I continued to count.

I reached fifty and heard the sounds of retreat. Could that be possible? Unsure I crawled on my hands and knees towards the light.

Seeing the creature’s shadow move down the hillside I knew I was lucky. I didn’t know why but the gods had let me go free.


Look Out Cave Image by Sue Vincent
Cave Photo Courtesy of Sue Vincent



Originally written in response to Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto challenge using the above inspiring image. 🙂

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