Monday Mirthfulness

Saturday night for me consisted of a catch up with friends, a shared takeaway, a few drinks at the local pub followed by a nightcap back at mine. At 2.30am after several hours of laughter and general merriment, I conceded and made my way up to bed. Little did I know for a few of the others the party continued…

Two of our friends headed off into town to a nightclub and after meeting and chatting with some strangers took a taxi to their house for a house-party. After deciding that the party wasn’t very good our friends made their way to the railway platform to catch the early train home…

Unbeknown to them the platform 1 they had actually made their way to was part of the National Railway Museum, it was an abandoned track that hadn’t been used for over 40 years and had been incorporated as part of a walking tour the museum offered. After around 20 minutes of thinking the place looked way too quiet they turned on their phone to google map it and realised their mistake. Slightly sheepish they shuffled their way to the real train station and platform 1 and made their way home.

After their hangovers had subsided we caught up with them later yesterday afternoon and on enquiring what they finally regaled the tale. Well… needless to say, it amused us greatly and it’s not a story us (or them!) will be forgetting quickly.


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