Holidays for Hounds

I paced back and forth.

How could she do this to me? Again?

I had used the biggest brown eyes I could manage. I had even let out the whimper that always got me the last biscuit.

But no, she had left me anyway. Holidays she called it! A holiday indeed! I have to share all my food and bones and belly rubs! Okay, that meant there were other woofs around to play with but that’s not really the point now is it?

In fact, it would serve her right if I sat at this exact same spot until she reappeared.

I could look so starved and tired she would never leave me again. Although I can hear biscuits being put into a bowl…and is that…yes it is…CHICKEN…with layers of gravy…Winner! Well maybe not the starve part, that would be silly.

But when she shows up I can just act really sad, let out that cry again and she’ll never have a holiday again.

Sounds like a plan. Anyway better go – it’s chicken time!

Dogs at Fence Image by Yinglan

Image: Thanks to Yinglan

Story originally written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) a flash fiction challenge with stories in 100-175 words (or less). Check it out for more fun flash fiction.


20 thoughts on “Holidays for Hounds

  1. LOL! I love how the chicken seemed to change his mind about starving himself until she returned. Hahaha! I always wonder what goes through our pets minds when we leave them for a time. Great story, KL!

  2. I have a dog who pulls a strop every now and then too. She once pissed on my dad’s fav sofa, while he was lying on it, after he told her off.

      1. Absolutely! She certainly is a character. My dad taught her how to open doors by putting her weight on the door handle (to piss off my middle sister who always shuts her out) but now when he wants to get some shut eye and closes the door she still gets in! He even put a bin full of things in front of the door and she managed to wriggle her way between the bin and the wall to get in! Epic!

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