Finding the Perfect Potion

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

Suzie looked along the jar labels, she hadn’t realised there was so much she could buy; love, friendships, dreams, wishes, time. She looked at the old gnarled woman behind her who was busy labelling up jars. Susie had heard stories about her, that some of these potions were tricks, but she needed to risk it. She needed to change something in her life.                    She looked back along the shelf until she came across an empty jar, the label was worn so that she couldn’t make it out. Lifting it, she looked inside it definitely looked empty. She looked at the price tag “Price on Enquiry”. Great, that was no help, she turned intending on interrupting the old lady but before she could the woman appeared by her side.

“Can I help you, my dear, what are you after?” The old lady crooned at her.

“Well…I’m not really sure. I got recommended you as I need to change some things in my life…” Suzie let her voice trail and then feeling uncomfortable said, “What is in this jar, is it empty?” The old woman laughed.

“Empty, no no my dear, that one is just a lot trickier than all the other potions in the shop. It has to transform you see. It never works the same on any two people.”

“Transform? What do you mean transform? What kind of potion is it?”

“Happiness, of course. Very difficult potion indeed it takes a lot of magic to make a tiny bit of that stuff, and of course, if the taker resists it, it will never work.” The old woman’s pupils grew wide as Suzie dove into her purse.

“How much is it? I’ll take it, it’s exactly what I was looking for?” But the old woman turned away from her and back to her other jars adding more labels.

“Ahh.. then I’m afraid I can’t sell it to you?”

“What, why not?” Suzie demanded. She thrust her purse towards the old lady, ” I have the money. Why can’t I have it?” The old lady looked at the purse, her eyes glinting then shook her head.

“No, my dear, I wish I could but it would be pointless. Happiness will never come to you while you are looking for it.  You have to open your eyes and your heart to so much more, then, perhaps, happiness will work for you.”

The old woman watched as Suzie physically deflated before her. She walked around the counter and lifted on of the jars from her shelf.

“Why don’t we start you on this one my dear, you never know where it might lead?”

Suzie nodded and looked at the jar label, Friendship. The old lady winked at her then turned around and began dusting jars. Suzie shook the coins from her purse and left the shop, ready to start her new adventure.



Originally written for #WQWWC – Happiness theme pop over to Colleen and Ronovan’s page for a collection of creative responses to the theme. Hope you found happiness in my magical take on this weeks theme. Which potion would you buy? KL ❤

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