Writing Extracts

The Librarian

Layla looked around frustrated, but no-one was watching. She leant over his shoulder reading his notes. He was getting it all wrong. Groaning she swooped off and went in search of a better source for him. She knew this library inside-out and it bothered her that no-one ever listened. Blowing the dust from the bookshelf, she found the title he needed. Lifting it she made her way back to the table, dropping the book beside the lad. He would either accept her help or he wouldn’t.

Ben looked around the deserted library, he was sure he had heard someone sigh next to him but glancing up and down, no-one was there. He hunched himself back over his paper, it was incredibly tough. Minutes later, engrossed in his note-taking he jumped as a book landed heavily on the table. He spun around glancing nervously around the room, it was still empty. He stood up, packing his things hastily in his backpack, then glanced at the book “Women during the War”, it was exactly what he needed.

Library Photo courtesy of TJ Paris.png
Library Photo courtesy of TJ Paris

Originally Written in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers using the above photo as prompt. Hope you enjoyed Ben’s ghostly companion. KL ❤

26 thoughts on “The Librarian”

  1. Nice take. What a helpful librarian. Having someone who knows where to find exactly what you need for research is awesome!

  2. It sounds like Layla is experiencing a rather frustrating afterlife! At least Ben pays attention to her, even if her assistance has left him a bit freaked out. 🙂 A lovely ghost story.

    1. Thanks Louise. Yes I’m surprised he stuck around long enough to pay attention to her but pleased he did – haha. Glad you enjoyed it. KL ❤

    1. Haha! Thanks Izzy, what a lovely compliment. I think it would drive most of us mad – haha. At least she got listened to in the end. KL ❤

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