Joy, Laughter, Happy Thoughts – Time to Change

A little joy, a little laughter

Is sometimes, the stuff I’m after

A little bravery, a little courage

Someone to stop me, being discouraged

A thoughtful comment, a pleasant smile

A little thank you, once in a while

Happy thoughts, that special place

Those negative thoughts are such a waste

Fear takes its form, in many ways

It’s often hard, keeping it at bay

Yet positivity can, be so rewarding

Stopping those fears, that you’ve been hoarding

Change can be made, with little steps

Making the decision, not to fret

Stop the panic, forget the fear

Reach out for your future, it is here!

Changes - Dilbert

Lewis Carroll_Alice in Wonderland_different yesterday

Originally written in response to todays WQWWC topic “Change” with
my favourite quote about change by Lewis Carrol. With a little help from Dilbert, Linking it back to my #Maydays Challenge post on Laughter! Much Love. KL ❤


14 thoughts on “Joy, Laughter, Happy Thoughts – Time to Change

  1. Lovely positive and inspiring poem. I also love the Alice in Wonderland quote. It’s one of my favourites 🙂

    1. Thank you 😊 so pleased you enjoyed it! Love that quote, I probably overuse it but it’s just so fitting. Thanks for stopping by. KL ❤

      1. Definitely fitting. My other favourite quote is: “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast.” Also fitting – and helpful in life. 🙂 Best, Nadia

      1. I look forward to seeing your contribution each week! Well done! ❤

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