#Maydays Prompt – Odds are on – The Last Bread Basket

What a fantastic battle of wills (and trolleys). A great response to today’s #Maydays challenge. KL ❤



Today’s #maydays prompt how about a bit of competition.

I’m in the supermarket minding my own business

My son sits in the trolley counting jellybeans.

My archenemy Roger Bent comes up beside me

His young son Snotface I call him sits in front.

The kids know of our rivalry

It begins innocently

I nod towards Roger in recognition

I see Roger whisper to Snotface

Snotface says; “My dad is better than your dad.”

My son quick to defend his dad says: “No.”

A boy of few words my son.

There’s a special today on Breadbaskets

Roger tells Snotface to keep look out

At the end of the aisle I spy them

Suddenly it’s a sprint to the finish

Our trolleys clash several times

Our sons are thrown about

They scream in terror one moment delight the next

A solitary breadbasket awaits us

It’s neck and neck

I put out a…

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