A Night at the Theatre

She sat in the theatre seat fidgeting impatiently. A night out with her daughter and granddaughter what could be more exciting. The wonderful curve of the theatre balcony giving them great views of the seats, although maybe, they were just a little higher than she would have liked. She wondered if it was a musical, or an orchestral concert or even a play. Glancing round at her daughter and granddaughter, she decided to ask for some hints.

“Is it a musical, concert or a play? You could at least give me that hint?” My granddaughter looked at her mother and they both grinned.

“It’s kind of a play, but with a few music elements in it?” She nodded, she did enjoy a good play. Even better with a bit of music to break things up.

“Is it something I will have heard of?” She asked enquiringly.

“Yes, grandma, I’m sure you will have heard of it before.” Again, another little giggle escaped from her granddaughter’s mouth. Kids these days, really did get excited easily. Grandma glance around the theatre it was packed. Excellent news as the little local theatres struggled these days. She was even happier to note that it was a mixed age group attending.

“Em love, it seems to be all woman that are here?”

“Yeah grandma, it really is a play aimed at woman more than anything. It has had some excellent reviews though.”

The excitement in the large hall erupted as the lights went down. When the music started, she was horrified.full monty

“Emma! This is the Full Monty” Her daughter and granddaughter burst out laughing loudly.

“I know grandma you’ll love it, just wait and see.”


……….That night as she climbed into bed beside her snoring husband, he woke up just enough to ask her if she had enjoyed her play.

“Yea actually I really did. Especially the part with the horse.” Her husband nodded and drifted off back to sleep, his mind trying to remember which plays featured a horse. Deciding it would be some boring stuffy thing he decided it was best not to ask.

Originally written for Ronovan Writes Friday Fiction on the theme – Concert. Pop Over to check out some more creative stories.


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