What are you waiting for?

I was at a crossroads in my life.

Should I stay with him? Did he want the same things as me? Marriage, kids, a house, a future?

It didn’t seem like it. He had his priorities and I had mine.

When he asked if we could talk. I agreed it was time to make that decision. Should I stay?

When I opened the door to the deserted restaurant my brain couldn’t comprehend what was happening until I turned around and saw him, down on one knee with a ring box open in his hands.

Happiness is worth the wait!


Restaurant Image provided by grahamisjustmyname
Restaurant Image provided by grahamisjustmyname

Originally Written for FFfAW  – 63rd challenge.

27 thoughts on “What are you waiting for?

  1. Glad it turned out that he wanted the same thing that she did. But maybe they need to be able to talk to each other better in the future, so they know what each is thinking or feeling.

    1. I think it was sweet they were both in tune they just hadn’t realised it. Unless he was deliberately being distant to throw her off the scent? So pleased you enjoyed it, thank you for stopping by and commenting. KL ❤

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