Review of An Island of Illusions – 4 Stars

An Island of Illusions (A Sarah Woods Mystery #3)An Island of Illusions by Jennifer L. Jennings

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I hadn’t realised this was the third novel in the series when purchased and do feel I would have been better acquainted if I had read the previous books prior to this, for example Sarah’s relationship with her husband has broken down quite dramatically in this book and I feel there was probably a prelude to this that I have missed out on. This issue aside (as I do feel it is my mistake) the book was very good.
I enjoyed the mystery plot and the investigation that went into resolving the storyline, very cosy mystery based. This story is quite quick paced and it doesn’t take long for the readers suspicions about the characters to build. Who is really good and who is putting on a show.
The characters were quite well written and did what they were supposed to. The husband was annoying, the soon to be lover alluring, and the culprit kept you guessing. There was a few things that didn’t work though with continuity of Sarah’s decisions being a little frustrating.
The book itself was very easy to read, nothing too hard-hitting. It wasn’t edge-of-your-seat thrilling but it was enjoyably. The mystery storyline was very good. I would happily read this author again and think her writing style will develop well.

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