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The Tale of the Tower #writephoto

This wasn’t like the stories I’d been told
Fables, treasures, times of old
My breath was short, my legs did ache
How many steps for goodness’ sake?

I know each challenge differs in the story
How the hero gets their glory
All Prince charming did was fit a shoe
Surely that’s something I could do?

Rapunzel’s beau just climbed a rope
Then he had the cheek to gloat!
Snow white’s prince gave just a little kiss
Not exactly the hardest task of his

For my true love the task I face

Spiral Staircase by Sue Vincent
Spiral photo by Sue Vincent from Daily Echo

In this ancient magical place
Is to climb this never-ending tower
And reach the room by witching hour


I spot the window and take a glance
This looks like it’s my only chance
Outside is a ladder how had I missed it
To reach my future I had to risk it

Dangling off the ledge I made the leap
It only really was a few feet
Climbing up my arms started to burn
I was quite unfit I was starting to learn

In another window, I saw the door
Pushing it open I heard a loud snore
Stretched out on the couch in front of the tv
My dream man laid before me!

What’s for dinner he said with a stretch and yawn
I shake my head maybe I was wrong
It must be a trick of some kind
This wasn’t the prince I had in mind!

Cinderella Slipper - Princess - Rule the world

Hehe! A fun take on a few borrowed classics, originally written for Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto challenge. Check it out!


3 thoughts on “The Tale of the Tower #writephoto”

  1. This was so creative! Can’t be easy making it all rhyme, but your rhymes flow seamlessly. And sometimes, we just need to be our princesses rather than find a prince 😉

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